Messing with the DATA.PAK file

I want to modify my Torchlight 2 DATA.PAK file to add the **** patch ;) (And maybe replace music), but I'm afraid of what could happen if I do so :s , then my question is:

Will my characters get flagged if I modify the DATA.PAK file?
Could all of my characters get flagged if I run the game with a modified DATA.PAK file?



  • VizViz Posts: 28
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    Nud3 patch?
    I don't think your character would be flagged by editing the .pak file.
    Also the .pak editing method to mod the game is too outdated. You can simply make a normal mod out of the pak file.

    1) Run GUTS and click Utilities. If this is the first time you run it, wait as the editor extract the game resources.
    2) Find pak/mod unpacker, click it
    3) Find the pak file you want to mod, and tick auto fill target directory based on the filename, then unpack it.
    4) Close GUTS, run it again, now point the mod project to the unpacked files.
    5) When GUTS fully loaded, go to View> Mods and the Mods section should appear at the right side of the GUTS.
    6) Click Mod> Package and Publish. Click Build to create your Nud3 mod.

    The Nud3 mod will appear when you run the mod launcher.

    Congrats, you are now be able to do basic TL2 mod unpacking/merging.

  • Dr_SchnellingerDr_Schnellinger Posts: 2

    I'm afraid to announce that the patching didn't work, the game gets stuck in the black screen before the loading screen
    Like this

    The GUTS mod way is not an option for me, GUTS requires Steam, and I will never use Steam; it needs internet for every insignificant action, they want to know what software you run, when, how long, what do you do with it and other anti-privacy behaviour that I do not like.

  • VizViz Posts: 28
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    So you're using GoG version then?
    GUTS editor should already be included with the main game.

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