Need help in making a very simple Outlander Build (without active skill buffs).

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Hi i lately i'm kind of a bit slow, and i would like a suggestion for Skills and recommended stats focus for a outlander that uses crossbows and no active skill buffs (skills that buff and only last a little while), basically i mainly want to avoid getting hit and survive, i'm a bit on the slow side this days even health i forget to check every so often... that's why i want to avoid if possible active skills taht only last a bit and focus as much as possible on shooting.


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    Something like a passive oriented summoner+poison build would probably fit to your playstyle.

    Shadowling Ammo
    Death Ritual
    Share the Wealth
    Poison Burst
    Long Range Mastery or Master of the Elements

    the rest could go to Venomous Hail or Glaive Throw (as the main damaging skill), Shadowmantle, Stone Pact (support skill) or even Shadowling Brute (your strongest summon). A point into Rune Vault and Tangling Shot could save you from the occasional fk up.

    Oh and if you don't mind using mods, there's a mod that can make you auto-consume potions at a certain health threshold.

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