will my computer be able to play Hob?

intel core2duo e8500 3.16ghz
8 gb ram
hd 5850 1gb
windows 7 64bit

i know my computer is old, but i was hoping i would at least be able to play the game with low resolution and settings with good framerate(around 30 will do)?(if my computer will be able to play the game at all?)

thank you for help.


  • gromitnzgromitnz Posts: 5

    I'm also anxious about whether my old PC will be able to play this fine game. It's happy for me to play Torchlight I and that's the only game on it! I am really looking forward to exploring Hob!

  • D2HansD2Hans Posts: 3,031 ✭✭✭

    Fuzzie it looks like your videocard will be holding you back since it needs Nvidia Gtx500 or HD 7000 series with at least 2 gigs Vram. Hard to tell if your processor will be enough

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