Torchlight 2 characters not saving issue

I was having this issue when I first installed the game. Got a few hours of play time in without closing the game or exiting the screen. When I went to save and exit, I was faced with loss of levels and stuff that had been acquired during leveling.
My girlfriend was having this same issue with hers. Since we were both having the same issue, I assumed it was something wrong with the game (since our computers were brand new).
After digging through google and seeing that so many people were having the same issue since 2013 but no one had a direct answer, I thought I'd post how I solved mine and it was probably what was causing a lot of other folks' issue.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Same issue... characters not saving.
I tried launching a mod and doing it that way... still no save.
I finally started placing the blame on my computer at this point. I disabled by anti-virus... same issue, no save.
I tried setting the .exe file to always run as admin.. same issue, no save.
What it finally came down to was Google Drive Sync!! When I told Google Drive to stop syncing the Documents folder where the Runic Games folder was, it worked!
Now I have hours and hours worth of Torchlight 2 goodness saved on my computer! So if anyone is still having this issue, trying to turn your Google Drive Sync off for your Documents folder.

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