Ranged Weapon Damage description bug

Hi, new to modding since a few days. I'm trying to create a skill that buffs my characters Ranged Weapon Damage bonus, the kind you get on outlander equipment.

However, once I'm done with my affix (where I chose RANGEDDAMAGEBONUS as "Effect") and load it up in my UI to test, the automatically generated description on both the skill description as the actual buff says something very different from what it should say. What it should say according to the description of the effect I'm using is "+24% ranged weapon damage bonus", but what it is saying is "+6 ranged equipment requirements". Now, when I level the skills up by one, it should go to "28% ranged weapon damage bonus", but it increases to "+8 ranged equipment requirements".

The weird part is, my damage does go up by the seemingly proper amount, it's just the description that's being weird. I've restarted and double checked everything countless times, nothing seems to work and I don't want to make a whole new effect just to get rid of a buggy description.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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