Unable to progress. Located underground, beneath water area

SephusSephus Posts: 3

After completing some of the underground area beneath the water area, I came to a room that has two poisonous bulbs, a couple enemies, and a circular crank located towards the upper right of the room. I pushed the handle and after it rotated halfway, the crank stopped and is still stuck. No interaction button pops up when Im near the handle and I've tried repawning various times only to find the handle in the same position. Im playing on a PS4 and dont want lose my progress and start over. Please help!!!



  • PatrickBPatrickB Posts: 894 ✭✭

    The fix for this should be in. Try updating and going back. Sorry about that!

  • laustimuslaustimus Posts: 6

    I also ran into a similar bug in this area, That ladder in the background leads to nowhere and when I try to use the warp thing I just fall to my death.

  • laustimuslaustimus Posts: 6

    I am also having a game breaking stuck area.

  • marvsgbmarvsgb Posts: 3

    Try to move on different ways... sometimes happen you need to keep making circular movements to complete the trick.

  • SephusSephus Posts: 3

    Anyone know when the latest patch will be released for PS4?

  • sindolsindol Posts: 12
    edited October 5

    No needs the patch for this, you need to go back fast after you put the blue bubble, and take the ladder in the right and took the teleport ( don't forget teleport in middle is up/down )
    or looks this post for more info : https://forums.runicgames.com/discussion/71500/cannot-progress-further-area-underground-with-a-glitch#latest

  • persephonepersephone Posts: 2

    i am having the exact same issue described here in the first post from October 1. i started the game on the ps4 2 days ago and there are currently no updates available. please help too! thanks.

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