Bugged PS4 Trophies, and buggy in general.

The two ending trophies are bugged, as others have reported.
The "Hunter" trophy is also bugged; I killed 4-5 enemies at once several times, with no results.
The trophy for the vistas is bugged as well, which may have something to do with the vista just south of the workshop not showing up on the map after it has been activated. Some assume that this happens if the vista is activated during the beginning of the game, before the map is accessible.

Speaking of the map: why do some collectibles show-up, but others do not? On several occasions I could clearly see a butterfly, energy core, or heart container/plant, but it would not display on the map, yet in other instances they appear right away.

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed; I had high hopes for this game, but have been dealing with frame-rate drops, falling through scenery (sometimes in a completely open area), puzzles not triggering until I reload and come back, and so many ridiculous platform deaths from not knowing if I'm lined-up, the camera blocking my view, etc. What's the thought behind releasing a 3D platform game without camera controls? Check points are weirdly placed, and areas are frustrating and sometimes just not fun to traverse. There are parts where I'd trigger a check point in an area I was trying to get to, and realized that instead of trying to figure out how to get there I could just select "Respawn" and appear there, which also works for suicide jumps, as long as the check-point triggers before the character hits the ground.

Why doesn't the game save my location if I use a teleporter and then quit on the other side? Shouldn't teleporters also count as check-points?

The art is great, and the overworld ascending from the underworld mechanic is novel, but this game is pretty half-baked otherwise.

Please at least fix the trophies, and fix things displaying on the map properly.


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