Sword Upgrade Bug

Hi all,

I think I am dealing with a sword upgrade bug in Hob. If I understand the UI correctly, I have all of the sword pieces, but can't upgrade my sword. Here's a video showing the issue:


I think this might be related to an issue I had earlier in the game wherein I had collected all of the Level 2 sword parts, went to upgrade, successfully upgraded (I think - the fire in the furnace filled the sword silhouette), and, after the upgrade, found that I had no sword at all. I quit the game, restarted the game, and found that my sword was back. I don't remember what the UI showed at that point because I didn't understand the various things the UI was trying to tell me, and I don't have a video of the event.

FTR, I'm playing Hob on a PS4 Pro.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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