Why elemental damage not works in my game?

It says +14 poison damage OR +10% electric damage but after i wear item, there is no changes to damage of my spells based on poison or lightning?

How the elemental damage works? For example Glaive Throw it says 100-120 poison damage. But it is not increases if i have the item that adds or increases poison damage?


  • And why elemental skill not increases my glaive throw damage?

  • peti29peti29 Posts: 117

    Your skill damage/weapon damage will not increase in the descriptions. But your DPS will. Please take a look at your stats(?) page - I don't remember well what it's called, the one with the ink icon, hotkey is 'j' I think. It will list your currently equipped weapons with a '+' sign next to them. If you expand the '+', you will see your DPS. Most skills are based on your DPS, but some are based on weapon damage, or character level. Also your strength and focus can add to your damage.

    There are some pretty detailed calculations on this forum somewhere...

    Also you can test your damage output on the doll next to the smith in towns (you can turn on damage display in the settings somewhere).

  • I wasn't knew it but of course i will check my spell damage for the test is it works or not. So that means, elemental skill will improve damage of my poison damage based skills right?

  • IcefreezeIcefreeze Posts: 22
    • Flat dmg line will plus on your weapon attack, and this flat dmg not boost by stat( str/focus depend what is dmg type).
    • % type dmg line will plus both your weapon attck dmg and skill dmg.
    • +% All dmg line will boost all dmg type, crit dmg,...
      => if you want to boost your Glaive Throw dmg, get the + %poison dmg, +% All dmg.
      Or get +% cast speed line.
  • vubukylovubukylo Posts: 9

    My problem with it, if it doesn't matter--why not just eliminate it and use just generic damage. I'm not sure why they did it like they did. Oh well.

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