[Video Tutorial #1] Create a portal to enter your dungeon

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this tutorial is based on my topic [Tutorial] Start your map through a portal - The better way and also includes creating a portal and layout

Content: Create a simple Layout based on one chunk (as base for tutorial #2) and then learn how to create a town-portal to enter your dungeon

i think i need a better capturing tool, one that zooms in automatically ;) but okay here are the vids:
Watch the Videos in my TorchEd Playlist
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p ... 3B928D9844

Watch them in HD! (and fullscreen)

or here:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBpFDFmAgOg
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHa44Ivbo3o

or just download the entire video (1080p hd quality) here: http://www.filefront.com/14935827/tutorial1.zip/

hope you like this step by step tutorial

--- note

the tutorial #1 will be the base for my second tutorial:
the second video tutorial is captured, but i have to put all the stuff together.
    topic: dungeon-creation - using chunks and how to switch between different stratas including a portal back to town


Edit: Didn't know that there are 2 videos made by FireMind abot this topic, so here the link to his videos as an alternative: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=6803&p=70578#p67982


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    Good to see some video tutorials popping up, and I believe Youtube can support 1080p, but people won't be able to(at least those with medium spec PCs probably won't).
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    This sounds great as I have one chunk that took me four days to make and it's awesome looking with lots of cool stuff. I am looking for an complete idiot-proof tutorial like this except for map chunks. I think half the battle is learning the file structure and naming and how TorchED works. I'm a bit lost other than the actual making of the maps. And yeah, 1080p.... :shock: If there's no audio then I should be able to play it. LOL
  • Thanks for all the work guys, i have a thread i started in this section for things like this. Its in my sig block. if you want to provide completed tutorials to my thread ill be sure to add them to the top. right now im doing my best to keep up to speed on what you guys post so far so good. i just hope it can get a sticky in here might help cut down on the 20 posts about the same thing...
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    Will watch it at work, just to eveluate now that I actually got the hang of it:). I even know what the problem is with child randomization and not working properly:D. Have been sitting making chunks al weekend just to decide I want another design so I started from scratch hehe.
  • Oh and you can PM me threads to if you wanted for the one in my sig block.
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    youtube is soooo slow converting or better preparing HD videos, but okay the second is already available in hd ^^

    otherwise download this video on filefront (but 270mb :>)

    hope you like this step by step tutorial

    see post #1
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    I get a CRC error when I try to extract the WMV from the zip file.
  • I think it would be nice to have a TorchEd group on youtube, and have everyone post their videos to that group to make finding things easeier. If you do start one let me know ill add it to my TorchEd Basics and Tutorials thread in this forum.
  • I just wanted to say "thank you so very much" for your video, I was having a devil of a time figuring this out. Though I was using map scrolls, I couldn't get it to link properly. Your walkthrough video got me through the part I didn't understand, so again, thank you!
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    i'm glad to hear that, ty :)
  • ooh, thanks for the great tutorial! very helpful.
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    ty :)

    *bump ^^*
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    Fantastic video! What tools and settings did you use to make this video.

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    Just fixed that exception when adding a new inclusive files to to a new chunktype in the rule set. (fixed the deal where you have to already have [LAYOUT] block in order for the editor to save explicit layouts the other day)

    Thanks a lot for the video of this.
  • video on filefront is corrupt please reupload:) could you make less weight of movie^
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    sry at the moment i have to travel allot and it isn't possible to re-upload the zipped movie [not available on my netbook]

    3Dkid: Windows Live Movie Maker and a simple Capture Tool for the entire desktop :)

    ty Gbrown for fixing :)
  • I'm having trouble with this portal modding thingy.

    I have made a map, saved it to the mod folder. Then went through the tutorial for making a portal show up in town to link to my map but the portal never shows up when I start a new game.

    Then tried doing this differently and went through the tutorial for making a scroll that opens a portal to my dungeon, but I can't even make the scroll show up in the default merchants' inventory.

    I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

    I found funny that the tutorials tell to link the portal to a place on the town map, but do not say to link the same portal to a location on the custom map.
    Can some ex-newbie who has successfully used the tutorials help me please? Would be greatly appreciated
    Torched Templates:
    Map Merchant ; Random Talking NPC ;
    Rashnu's Tear Dungeon @ viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14861
    @ http://vrkmods.viviti.com/
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    I followed kuncarlos' tutorial on youtube on how to make a basic dungeon and a warper in town to lead into the mod dungeon.

    It seems to work since I can see a portal in town however the portal appears in a place totally different from where i have placed the portal group by means of the layout link in town, image below.

    Can someone pls suggest what I'm doing wrong? I have tried recreating the portal.layout file placing the object in a different location but it's no use. I have tried different new characters. The portal is still in the same unaccessible location, unchannged. Pls help!


    EDIT : apparently need to exit the editor and re-create the layout link for the portal
    Torched Templates:
    Map Merchant ; Random Talking NPC ;
    Rashnu's Tear Dungeon @ viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14861
    @ http://vrkmods.viviti.com/
  • I solved the problem. The editor must be closed and reopened before working on the portal link. If a portal file has been created in the MERGE folder it should be deleted for the new one to be replace the first.
    I have managed to make the portal appear but now the dungeon itself won't even bother to load, being very intensive on the CPU. Thanks to GreatFlo for the youtube tutorial n tips.
    Torched Templates:
    Map Merchant ; Random Talking NPC ;
    Rashnu's Tear Dungeon @ viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14861
    @ http://vrkmods.viviti.com/
  • Great videos, helped me a lot. However, I'm having issues loading the dungeon. The portal works fine, and the dungeon is setup exactly as the video mentions, but when I try to port to the dungeon in-game, the game crashes with a "Torchlight has encountered an error and needs to close" error, every time... Any ideas as to how to fix this?
  • There is probably something wrong in the way you edited the portal mod. I used to get that too until I made a template mod with just the very bare essential to make the portal work.

    Download my template in this link and replace with your own map and proper names in the dat files accordingly:
    Torched Templates:
    Map Merchant ; Random Talking NPC ;
    Rashnu's Tear Dungeon @ viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14861
    @ http://vrkmods.viviti.com/
  • Tutorials are best to Create a portal to enter your dungeon...

    And youtube videos makes it more easy ... :D
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