Trophies for good & bad endings not unlocking

I beat the game for the first time today and got the "Invincible" trophy for less than 5 deaths but not "The Greatest Gift." I reloaded and made a different choice but did not get "The Great Purge." Anyone else have issues? I'm on PS4 Pro.


  • narimannariman Posts: 15
    edited October 2017

    Yes my friend i beat the game 6 time but just 1 gold trophy. All gold trophies in this game glitches. Please Support write us about patch. I speak all people who got this trophies. This Random poped

  • rdhightrdhight Posts: 6

    I too am on Pro and am having what sounds like the same issue. Runic tech support told me this has been placed on the bug list, so there's every reason to think they'll get to it eventually.

  • sindolsindol Posts: 12

    With patch 1.13 this 2 trophy is solved...on ps4

  • FrankieDrumsFrankieDrums Posts: 26

    @sindol said:
    With patch 1.13 this 2 trophy is solved...on ps4

    I beat it with my current save and the trophy for the bad ending didn't unlock. I loaded an earlier save from my USB stick, which never fought the boss, and that didn't work either.

  • Man sure wish I could get my platinum trophy... still can't get under 5 hours and no equipment trophies to unlock. Please fix this.

  • narimannariman Posts: 15

    @sindol said:
    With patch 1.13 this 2 trophy is solved...on ps4

    What????? i am still no 4 Gold trophy with patch 1.13!!!! Please give a patch us!!! i beat the game many timeees

  • narimannariman Posts: 15

    Again Complate AT START TO END with patch but NO 4 Gold Trophy. Please Dev HELP us with it!!!

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