I have something to tell you RunicGames

There's something I have to tell the RunicGames team, Your new game is fantastic! and I will explain why: I am a person who has grown up with video games as something everyday (as many of you probably), my first console was a nintendo in the early 90's, and over the decades, I thought the video games slowly stopped attracting me, but the mistake is that, video games were slowly being considered a method of exploiting money for big companies that only want to profit and not so much a form of entertainment, with Hob, from beginning to end, I felt that magic that did not feel for many years, that clear inspiration in games of yesteryear so successful, from the sonorous section, the graphic section, the atmosphere, the characters who say nothing, say a lot, make Hob, really a game that I go to carry for many years in my heart, along with so many others, that unfortunately, nowadays it is not so frequent to see! Thank you very much for hob! (sorry if my English is bad, but it is not my native language)




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