Framerate drops ps4 version?

I've been experiencing massive framerate drops at all sections of the game, anyone else have this issue?



  • HalthisHalthis Posts: 2

    I have had the same. When I first was playing, it would happen infrequently when a lot of things were happening. Now it seems to be almost everywhere I am in game. I'm on PS4 Pro is yours on regular PS4?

  • xasthur_25xasthur_25 Posts: 2

    Yeah mine is a regular, I thought it may have been my hd settings on my t.v. / console but I tried everything and it's still like blighttown pretty much everywhere

  • RabidGiantRabidGiant Posts: 2
    edited October 2017

    It's pretty terrible once you get an hour or so in (PS4 Pro). Loving the game but I have two stop and hope a couple patches clear it up later. Any dev feedback on the timeframe?

    Edit: Full restart on console seemed to have helped. Hope it holds cause love the game.

  • gerberligerberli Posts: 8

    I have the same problem on PC, but only when im running real fast (i guess when it has to load alot of things)

  • BrianWBrianW Posts: 2,310 admin

    Hi folks! We are actively working to resolve performance issues. Make sure to contact [email protected] with some additional information:

    Community Manager // Mr. Nice Guy

    Join us on Discord!
  • SajeelSajeel Posts: 1

    I'm having massive frame rate slow down at the first lightning section of the game on standard ps4

  • raven0akraven0ak Posts: 3
    edited October 2017

    same, game was running fine till around mother land, then stuttering and fps started happening frequently, now at reservois and seems 10fps has settlet to new norm of game, and stuttering happening every time jump is done or mob hits, or any other action is preformed. My guess on issue is that game trying keep too much loaded at once causing memory issues and leaks.

    Temporary fix is close app and restart game, which further indicates that game suffers from too much loaded at once

  • raven0akraven0ak Posts: 3

    Same, game was fine till finished motherland ...from then on stuttering is getting worse ... now at reservoir and game is playing with 10 fps or so with stuttering happening every 5 second or when ever jump or slash with sword, seems like game is trying store everything happening on map into memory at same time instad of keeping only active areas loaded, causing likely memory issues that cause massive lag

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