Can't progress due to game freezing after turning an overworld switch (PC)

Here is short video that sows the location and issue

I have no idea what to do. I even explored a lot, which did help me learn to solve some problems and find some treasures, but I can't ultimately move forward.


  • kaeorin422kaeorin422 Posts: 16

    I don't know if the hotfix was meant to correct this bug in particular, but, in case it was, I just want everyone to know that I still have this problem.

  • kaeorin422kaeorin422 Posts: 16

    Through watching my own game play video, I recently just watched where I first entered this area. I see now that the switch in question is one that I already flipped several minutes earlier. When I returned however, it was still above ground, leading me to believe I needed to turn it. I'm guessing the game get's stuck because it can not do anything for me after I turn the switch because that consequence has already been completed. It wasn't supposed to still be above ground, in the first place.

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