Bug: Fall Through The Floor At Specific Location

Hey guys!

Just started my first play-through of Hob and I am LOVING it! In an effort to help make it even better, I wanted to pass along a bug that I found. There is a specific location where, if you walk over the spot, you actually fall through the floor and die. I have a video clip below of the first time that it happened, but I was able to go back to the spot and recreate the scenario about two more times.


Essentially, you just have to walk over the corner of the power orb cage that you see in the video. I wasn't running or dashing or doing anything out of the ordinary. Just walked over the spot and fell through the floor :tongue:

Not a huge deal, but just wanted to pass it along to your team! Thanks guys!



  • DriftSpaceDriftSpace Posts: 8

    This isn't the only spot; this happened to me at some other places in the game, though I unfortunately cannot remember where they were.

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