Can't open the final waterway. Stuck.

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I'm currently stuck and can't seem to open the final waterway. The game lets me push the button (as seen in screenshot), but the door to the waterway won't open. I think I've done most of the quest stuff, because I've reached the part where you put all the glowing pieces on the large robot up north. I only need to open this waterway so I can get the last shining piece. I fear that I've stumbled upon a bug. Either that or I'm completely missing something else.

Please see this link for the images:


  • kaeorin422kaeorin422 Posts: 16

    Does it act like it is stuck?

  • JamesonianJamesonian Posts: 4

    @kaeorin422 Yes it does. There's animation as if it's opening, then it kinda gets stuck and closes back. What I don't know is how to get those two lights to blink open. I've explored every nook and cranny for something I've missed; a switch or something. But none.

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    Can you share an image of your world map?

  • JamesonianJamesonian Posts: 4

    Here you go. One's the northern part, one's the southern. You can see that the area of the final waterway is the only goal in the map. :(

  • kaeorin422kaeorin422 Posts: 16

    I watched my own game play video, and it just worked for me. I don't know whether or not I addressed something earlier that was required. Maybe you might walk around the area and make sure you thoroughly explored every nook, cranny, and hole you can find. Hopefully, it's not a bug, and it's something you can figure out.

  • JamesonianJamesonian Posts: 4

    Can you DM a link of your gameplay vid, if possible? Honestly, with the way the game is structured, I'm not exactly sure which switch/button opens up the two lights at the top of each waterway lid. Hopefully, someone will be able to help me, 'cause I've been stuck for a couple of weeks now.

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    OP, can you send your game save over to [email protected]? If you've already done that, can you message me your ticket number? Thanks!

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  • yooz2714yooz2714 Posts: 1

    I'm stuck and can't progress the game I have the watershed complete but no objective marker is appearing anywhere on the map and I've cleared the purple thing infection bar the one in the middle next to the Titan. Any help??!!

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