Punch Switch Bugged?

I think my game is possibly bugged on PS4.

Right after the forest once you cleared the first section of purple goo. You punch the button to the east of the giant tree guy and climb down off the temple. You head northeast here through the fallen tree trunk. Continue north along the windy path and you come to a save point and a drain grate with a ladder heading down. Climb down the ladder, jump across to the column in the middle of the dry river bed, then on across the river.

The whole area here has a bunch of those plants with purple spines so if you fall you die. There is now a tall section of land with a bomber guy on top of it. You jump to some vines just below him and climb to the left, jumping to a new set of vines and then to the ground. You run past a couple of spear wielders with shields, climb up top where the bomber is and kill him.

You can now climb up and to the east where you find a punch button and a save point. Everything I have read says you should punch this button twice and a lever will appear where the bomber guy used to be. I can't punch this button twice. After 1 punch it becomes unusable. If I restart the game I can again punch the button once again, but it won't let me hit it twice.

Is there something I have to do to be able to punch it twice? It doesn't seem like it from the videos I've watched or walkthroughs I've read.


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