(Probably Spoilers) Has anyone any ideas on what HoB actually means?

I wrote it as in the title when it shows on screen. HoB. the capital letters suggest to me conventions of titling which suggest that the "o" might be "of," "or," or "on." I can think of what the "H" might be, but I am having a lot of trouble with the "B." It could also not matter that much, in the end. Some ideas I have are thus:

Hero of ...?
Human or ...?
Hunter of Blight?


  • acidfast22acidfast22 Posts: 5

    I think it does matter because in the FAQs, Runic states that the meaning of the name is for the player to find out - I think you may be on the right track but I got nothing lol

  • SavorySmackSavorySmack Posts: 2

    I mean Mother Hob is named in the achievements.

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