Help on References to extracting stuff from Torchlight 1 and Torchlight Mobile.


I recently had some time on my hands, and I would like to contribute a little to the great TL community.

I would like to start with a simple mod of TL2 heroes facing TL1 mobs (along with some TLM mob mix) = maybe like an outbreak of TL1 mines monsters since Dark Alchemist actions etc.

Can reference me any links to posts/links that suggest how to extract the stuff from TL1 and TLM?
I am in the middle of experimenting with GUTS while reading thru the documentation but a few google/forum searches I made on extraction from TL1 and TLM (Android version; I have no Apple Mac :pensive:) return results that I cannot use.

Any aid most appreciated.

Best Regards.

*P.S: Any other key mod area/stuff to reference appreciated.
Such as one I happen to read up on is to make sure the mod will not bind saved characters to specific mod etc.


  • VizViz Posts: 28
    edited October 2017

    Here's a discussion about TL Mobile. I guess its still a long way to go before the game sources could be ported to TL2.

    I don't mod TL1 but from what I've seen, their file structure are almost similar to TL2. However their code arrangement were different.

    Drop by the Torch Modders forum if you have further question ;) There are some former TL1 modders there that may help you .

  • Red_Ash_HoodRed_Ash_Hood Posts: 8
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    Thanks much! But access to that forum seems off limitsto the unregistered and registration is disabled...

    I am currently testing extraction of skill related files like arts/animation from TL1 and TL2 mods; not that positive yet :pensive: .

    Trying to add TL1 and TLM spells and skills into TL2 items/socketables as "% to proc" to get the feel of TL2 modding.

    1st phrase of my TL2 may be with easier stuff like items = likely be enhancing popular character builds play experiences like Warframe and D3 do with items - yet totally customisable by players.

    Getting my confidence up with smaller stuffs first before going on with larger models editing TL2 stuff :)

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