(CLASS MOD PACK) Variant Classes

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I haven't posted anything about my mod, so here's a quick rundown of it.

Variant Classes
This is a compilation of high quality custom classes made by various modders.

I was disappointed with the current class mod pack as they were either didn't include my favorite classes or their classes were outdated or buggy. Eventually I decided to learn about merging mods by my own, with the help of fellow modders from the TorchModders forum.

Shout out to doudley, Phanjam and gytfunke for sharing their modding knowledge and helped me to create this mod.

I take no credit for these class mods. I merely compile them into one big mod pack, made them compatible with each other and fix a few bugs that were still exist.

Dragoon (v.58) by Thorf
Dread Pirate (v.96) by Bemused Bear
Emberblade (v.776) by gytfynke
Emberknight (v1.78) by Deimos
Ember Sage by ~Schiavelli~
Elemental Blade Dancer (v.52) by Nifhel
Extra Classes (No Synergies) v.119 by drewrobi
Legionary by Deimos
Light Warden (v0.1.35) by Nigel Thornberry
Nethermancer (v.5568) by Haette
Plague Lord by TwinkleMeister
Red Mage (.v47) by ~Schiavelli~
Tenebris (v.2.0.5) by Actkqk
The Double Agent by DarkStar
The Noxmer & Darklite Class Pack (v.465) by Ser Williamson
Theolentist (v.2757) by Squid Pro Quo and TwinkleMeister
The Preacher by DarkStar
Voidseeker by Spaceman84
Warchief (v.273) by roberto tomás. Originally created by Minesweeper.
Wildlings (v.2279) by gtyfunke

Currently there are 25 playable custom classes

Download link :
Runic Games Fansite
Steam workshop , thanks to doudley.

The RGF site will always have the latest update for this mod.

A much more detailed information about this mod can be found in TorchModders forum

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