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Now that Runic is being shut down I've got nine years of stories coming back to me. I thought I'd share a few, and welcome you to share your own.

1- I was in the Mythos beta. Mythos was the coolest thing ever in its original beta: Seriously a solid Diablo competitor in a time when Diablo 3 wasn't even announced yet. When Flagship Studio shut down I was sad, but when the Seattle team got back together and founded their own company (Runic Games) I jumped on board and started a fansite for them right away. LOOOONG before there was any solid news of a game, but soon enough after Mythos to try to grab some of that old community. The community was the best part of those early days. The Runic devs had one of the best reputations for interacting with their community than I'd ever seen.

2- The fansite nearly didn't get off the ground! Early on I knew little of php or mysql or anything other than 10-year old HTML. A guy volunteered to help me and got RGF running on Wordpress and phpbb. Then he hacked one of the developer's e-mail addresses and accessed some sort of private online file server and downloaded a load of EARLY Torchlight design files. By the time he told me about it the damage was done, and Runic was threatening a lawsuit. Since the guy (whose name I don't even remember) was just some stupid high school kid I think he apologized and swore not to leak the files. Honestly it was so long ago I barely remember what happened. As a result someone at Runic wasn't sure I was on the level and asked someone else to start a rival fansite that they could trust.

3- During Torchlight 2's development a number of community members were offered to get flown out to the studio in Seattle and do a community day. I REALLY wanted to go... but I was recently unemployed and desperately job hunting. I couldn't spare the cash to even buy my own meals, and didn't want to miss the chance at any interviews. I never managed to make it out that time, but I did eventually get out to the office one day just before Hob was announced and run through a part of it. I'm glad I was able to meet everyone. Luckily, it was also the day of the company's anniversary, so they took everyone out to an expensive steak lunch. I never knew Truffle Oil French Fries were a thing, nor that they were so delicious. My favorite part of that meal was finding out exactly how much of a Trekkie Brian is, and talking about Terraria with (I think?) Matt Lefferts(?)

4- Getting beta and/or press access to all of the games was pretty awesome. It's not like I got them for free though - I put enough money into paying for website hosting over the past 9 years to more than cover it :wink:

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    When I first saw Torchlight's ad flash across my games list I almost ignored it. The only reason I went back to look for it is because I thought the title was perfect for an rpg. It made me want to learn more about it. At the time I was downloading games a lot and I'm afraid I torrented it. Then I felt bad and decided I should apologize. The devs were more than understanding. It was one of those things were someone not being mad at you just makes you feel even guiltier. At least that's how it felt to me. At any rate I decided since they were so kind to me they deserved my support. It wasn't just a matter of feeling guilty. There was something different about them. They cared and actually interacted with their community.

    Over the years my hanging out here has led to me making a lot of good friends. Some the best I've ever had. It helped me get out of a serious depression I'd been in due to my medical issues and kept from from committing suicide. The fact that I'm in a much better place now can be directly attributed to their being kind people and embracing this weird furry brony dude who at that point hated himself and didn't want to live. Since then I've been fortunate to have gained some of them as friends. They've shown they trusted me enough to give input and have made changes due to some of the feedback I've given. Every time I look at Torchlight there's literally a part of my spirit in it (and some really neat named items, too).

    It's been an emotional day for me. I can only imagine how hard this is on Runic. I won't lie and say I understand it. I don't and I'm doing my best to not find reasons to be angry at anyone over it because I think that just makes things harder. Instead I'll again say thank you to the devs because they deserve to hear it plenty. Thank you, all. Not just for the games or friendship or just being here. Thank you for this community. I'm just so grateful for everything.

    -Chris AKA Zid

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    I loved Mythos, we had so much fun with that game and it had a great community, It was such a great time, I got back to drawing thanks to the devs and the community, I was extremely depressed at the time didnt really know who I was but it kind of saved me that I got back to drawing cause It was something I loved as a kid, and it was a great experience, I wasnt the only one posting fanart so did Kyle and he got a job with flagship studios and later joined em at runic games, it was motivating to see.

    Im going to miss the devs, as well as the people here.

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    I will always remember the great modding community that gathered around the Torchlight series. I really enjoyed seeing what the community could contribute to these already-great games, and was thrilled at the opportunity to add my own content in with theirs.

    I wish I had hopped in on more communal modding efforts. The one I remember joining was that monster-splitting mod, I think it was undead dwarves that became smaller undead dwarves who became ugly green worms? Working on that with everyone was just as fun and exciting as getting to play the end result.

    I will always be grateful to everyone here for being wonderful people to chat with and build stuff with, and to Runic for facilitating this whole endeavor with their own professional hard work in the games they published and the community they established.


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    My favourite Runic Games memory was from Torchlight 2. There's history (truncated below), but TL2 was special. It was a trying period for me, in a job going quickly sideways after a company buyout (which soon turned into being redundant) with several personal issues (medical and financial strife), I was depressed (not that I would recognise it at the time). I was naughty; I had no money on launch of TL2 and was playing a leaked beta until I cleared rent for the month, in the end things were so bad that I didn't get to purchase TL2 until November! ed: wow, time flies - digging back into everything I had mixed TL1 and TL2 I suppose. Looks like I purchased TL2 on pre-order through Steam (Valve can thank Runic Games for my account). I musta been naughty before release... I was already hooked by then. Whilst all that's not my favourite memory, it led to what is:

    Shortly after buying Torchlight 2, the whole family had watched me play and wanted to join in. I picked up a 4-pack of TL2, after buying a single license for myself, and then took a dive into my collection of parts to cobble together another 3 gaming PC's. We took over the dining room table, and played TL2, my wife, daughter (6), son (8) and myself. It is without exaggeration that I say TL2 helped me, all my family really, through a dark period and helped us bond and keep some joy regardless. I will never forget the day I fired up all 4 PC's, had the logins and the downloads done, and we sat around the table giggling and yelling for hours.

    I've followed parts of the Runic team through the genesis that flowed from Condor/Blizzard North ultimately through to the Seattle Runic Games studio. That's the best part of 25 years, and a lot of evolution which led to a studio which are hands down my favourite in the industry.

    Whilst I will admit to being a bit of a critic of Hellgate: London, I had high hopes the game would get over the hurdles and improve. Simultaneously there was Mythos, of course. I was following along but my life was...chaotic...and I missed whatever window of opportunity there was to get to play it. I still followed the team, and the project itself, and was really looking forward to a release. Then Flagship folded. By this time I was just hoping that Mythos found a new home. It was a chaotic time for them too, and as we know how things unfolded Mythos was never to be. I was beyond excited when Runic Games formed. There was heritage (Diablo, Fate etc) there was some new blood from Flagship (and others!), and importantly, and a trait that Runic has held right to the end: Runic Games had heart & soul.

    Following the team since then, and the family as they quickly became, and the ongoing bits and pieces of info being shown and talked about, with such candour and the community engagement being part of their DNA from early on only strengthened the integrity of the company.

    I'm going on, and the short of it is: thank you and I know you'll all find a new home (and as far as it's possible, 'don't be strangers': we'd all like to follow your next steps, I'm sure). Hob is beautiful, and for me nothing summarised what you were more than that: soulful, dripping with style, charming and genuine to the end.

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    For the past few months, we've been working hard on this video, from our initial pre-production meetings last year, to our principal photography out in Seattle this past March, to the editing and tweaking that we've done just this past week--we've put everything we have into this short-doc.

    Our goal is to continue doing these docs with different developers around the globe, showcasing their stories and their passions for making the video games that you play. Hopefully, with your help, we'll be able to do that.

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