Need help to find a "spirit"

Dear all,

First of all, I precise that what I call "spirits" are the creatures that we have to deliver to remove the corruption.

As you can see on the map attached, I've progressed well in the game but now, I dont' have any objective marker. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. The only interesting marker I see is the one of the last "spirit" I have'nt found yet. But I'm not able to reach it. When I walk around the marker, I hear it, I know where it is but I can't reach because of locked scales.
Maybe I have to unlock the area just at the south of my position (character marker on the map) ? But i can't find any switch that I haven't activated yet...

Could it be a bug ? Or , maybe, I didn't see an evident detail during my adventure ? Please, don't tell me pecisely what I have to do but only if I have to find a switch or another easy thing that I missed.

Thank you all.


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