New Torchlight on smartphones!

Hi! I am sorry because my english is bad. I like torchlight or look like other games. This game low game on PC but if you make a new Torchlight on smart phone , this game be very good. Please you think that. Please. Good days.

-Kubilay KARSLI


  • PokasowePokasowe Posts: 2

    Also in my opinion Torchlight would be a great mobile game, they would gain a lot from it

  • PiereinutPiereinut Posts: 2

    I play it, I do not like it in the pc, so I play the only one paused.

  • Rita123Rita123 Posts: 1

    Torchlight is one of those games that you're a little apprehensive about at first. The dungeon-crawling genre has been hacked and rehashed so many times that it can be difficult to distinguish the diamonds from the dirt. Luckily, the same creative masterminds behind Diabolic I and II aren't content with resting on their laurels, as (impostra) they reinvigorate the isometric click-fest extravaganza that gamers have grown to love - thus giving birth to Torchlight.

  • pinoytvpinoytv Posts: 4

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  • pinoytvpinoytv Posts: 4

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