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Good boxes but remember these are 32 ECU and never a heavier weight carton. In many cases, sellers designate that the customer will pay for return shipping and then for any restocking fees if specified within their return policy. And also how do you know how much you must charge shipping. But I think most of us would feel good if we recouped no less than some of our money, am I right. Since artwork is often fragile and easily damaged, proper packaging is crucial. If you bid in error and actually won the product, the steps are different. Example: You are nevertheless winning the auction with your $20. Think twice before following e - Bay's listing advice to get started on your auction at.

Whether you employ e - Bay as the sole business or simply like a side project to aid bring in more cash, the platform is not hard to obtain a hang of, especially for the people starting-up. ebay log in his auction description he stated that you just must contact him before returning anything. My only advice is don't be able to hung high on loosing couple dollars for the shipping, should you are able to offer your item, and you also made some money, that's money in your pocket. Ship an item as soon because your receive payment; e - Bay bases shipping time on the selection of carrier. Accessing archived items by item number is fairly simple, provided you already know the number from the item that you just want to get. Be careful about exchanging credit card information; you'll want being sure your provider offers payment protection if something goes amiss. So, in case you want stuff for free, just buy over $250 from the seller overseas and open a Paypal claim saying you don't ever got it. Offering returns gives your buyers an efficient way to send back an item for any refund, replacement or exchange. A successful strategy depends on: the starting price you set for your item, whether you set a reserve price, and whether you decide to use a hard and fast price format.

What has evolved in recent years could be the nature with the marketplace. Research similar large things that have sold on e - Bay to help you gauge your price accurately. Not exact, but close to the more costly brand it can be copying. After Griff shared a couple of really good e - Bay tips and tricks with me, I started to feel sick about being such. If both highest bidders bid exactly $30, the very first bidder wins. I have 170 feedbacks, and I have 4 negative 3 neutral, right this moment I am at 97. Your article gives me hope to get back on the top again. Think regarding it: in case you were to buy something from two identical listings with the same price, however the only difference is the fact that one from the listings comes with an image of the seller himself, what listing can you purchase from. On e - Bay, 90% of buyers reminded to pay, do so on this window.

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