Hob failed to save status for three hours, no longer updating save files at all

Well, this is a TOTAL bummer. I spent a number of hours yesterday and last night playing. For the first several hours, no issues at all. Then for the last THREE HOURS of playing, it appears that although the save icon was showing on the screen perfectly normally, the game was totally failing to update the save files.

For the devs:
Played in one sitting without closing the program. Never exiting to Main Menu, this is all just one continuous game session.
Played for about ten hours, finishing at 11:30pm
The last save game was at 8:30pm. The ten saves I can see are each about a couple of minutes apart, and all between 8pm and 8:30pm.
Tried both 'Continue' and 'Load' but neither has any record of any activity post 8:30pm.
There were no changes in the PC setup during this time. Disk space is not an issue. No background updates that I know of. No changes in AV or other software during this time. No alerts triggered.
The only non-Hob activity was a switch to windows to pull up a Chrome browser window. That involved invoking the Task Manager, since Hob doesn't play nice with Alt-Tabbing, so the only way to get to Desktop was to Ctrl-Alt-Del and pull Task Manager, then I can mouse to the toolbar and start Chrome.



  • koala404koala404 Posts: 2

    So today it started saving again, but now the filenames are "COPY OF SAVE0.HOB" and the same "COPY OF SAVE 0_x.BCK". All of them. The originals (SAVE0.HOB and SAVE 0_x.BCK) are still there, but with their old time stamps from yesterday.

    When I went looking after the problem yesterday, I did not change the original files, nor open them, nor do anything else to them.

    Is that useful for error tracking?

  • EtriganEtrigan Posts: 25 ✭✭

    @koala404 I'm not a developer on the game but since you mentioned Steam, do you have Steam Cloud saving enabled? I've heard that it can cause issues with your gameplay and the game itself.

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