Why is torchlight made by unskilled developers?

Why is this game so badly made? Did the developers just make it to steal money from as many people as possible, stopped caring and left the game buggy and terrible?

I just spent few hours setting up a build for my brother, adding gems and enchanting it. Spending literally hours and millions of gold to get good stats on it, as well as dozens of gems just to have 9 out of 12 items disappear in the trade forever. Just like that, gone. I tried recovering but nothing, all items are gone. How is this possible. How is someone so dumb to let this happen, as a game designer if you dont see an importance of items NOT disappearing randomly you shouldnt be a game designer. This game is just a rip off. Somehow I managed to play through all the bugs (there a re a ton), all the multiplayer lag, 10 minute loading screens, all the ****. But this is just too much... How are they even still in business.


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    Yeah, normally I let this kind of **** go. Not today.

    The devs of this game are very cool. They're also no longer around, the entire studio having been closed by a parent company who wants to focus on 'gaming as a service' platforms.

    We, that is the long time players of this game who help out where we can, here and on Discord, tried to help you.
    What you wont like hearing is that there is every chance you or your brother did something, regardless you're having a childish tantrum over something that can be readily replaced using console commands. As was pointed out to you the longest standing members of this community have seen this, where items go missing, happen maybe once or twice in over 5 years.

    As for the rest of your complaints;
    "all the bugs (there are a ton)", no, no there are not a ton - you got any to talk about? If you've got anything you want actual help with, you should perhaps have asked.

    "the multiplayer lag", there can be some lag, however if you are playing LAN then the lag is all up to you and your network, if you are playing internet MP then the lag is largely out of the control of Runic, bear in mind also that the server has had some issues recently (which is a shame, because the previous caretakers of it are no longer around to fix said issues, so we're waiting on support in China to fix things now)

    "10 minute loading screen" is just hyperbolic nonsense. If you've got TL2 installed on a hard drive, as opposed to a solid state drive, and that drive is working overtime on other tasks, maybe, but otherwise this is just straight up exaggeration.

    "all the ****" and this is the giveaway: generalised **** and moaning. You're not interested in asking for help, but just having a whinge. Which is fine, but if you're not going to ask for help with anything, don't, I dunno, expect help or even a positive response.

    The actual developers of this game would ordinarily have bent over backwards to make sure someone like yourself, someone having trouble running their game, could get it running smoothly and without issue. And I don't mean a generic support team, but the actual people who made the game. And they would have answered your post more politely than I have, and they still would have done all they could to get you up and running.

    Those wonderful people all found themselves without jobs at the start of November because the parent company (Perfect World Entertainment) closed up several of their assets (Runic Games Seattle, the Gigantic developers, plus others). Support now will come from the community, so I would suggest not **** on the developers or the community if you expect to get any kind of support.

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    @Playsbadgames I disagree wholeheartedly with your overall statement. I honestly don't think you actively researched the former shell of what was "Runic Games". This is an independent studio among all the other fishes in the sea and what each and everyone of them have as a common foundation is: passion, dedication, commitment to their loyal fanbase, and support. Coming on here to slap/tag a game such as "Torchlight" a terrible product is rather wrong (which everyone has their right to their own opinion) but to insinuate that these developers are uncaring and scammers with running away with consumer's money is downright a slap to the face.

    Sure you might encounter bugs that are leftover, same thing you will encounter in any other game that is either AAA or indie. And rightfully so, they might frustrate you to no end or anger you but name calling them dumb or they shouldn't be game designers is something you should not and will not say to them. They put their blood, sweat and tears into the 3 respectable games which they released over the 9 years they have been in business. The community loved the game so much they created tons of mods that either was UI based, HUD, new classes, new monsters or even better, an overhaul with everything new and fresh to keep the gameplay going. With them not being in business anymore wasn't up to them but more so to the majority stake holder that is "Perfect World Entertainment" and if you ask why, I will tell you why. Their reasoning is because their own company "Perfect World Entertainment" was restructuring to be more an "online game service" and Runic Games as a studio wasn't in that scope. So with that, they closed them and also Motiga who created the online massive multiplayer, "Gigantic".

    I also went back into the discord where I believe you went by another name and started complaining about your initial dilemma/situation which you stated in your original post. Lo and behold, quite a few people didn't bash you but actually tried to assist you in getting back on your feet and enjoying the game. To my surprise, you weren't satisfied with the answers because you said that would be cheating. That stance I can understand but in the situation that you are in, it wouldn't be cheating because you are fixing a bug that disrupted your gameplay and receiving back items that you said yourself, "... spent few hours setting up a build for your brother, adding gems and enchanting it. Spending literally hours and millions of gold to get good stats on it, as well as dozens of gems...".

    In conclusion, the studio and the games aren't a ripoff as you said, they should still be in business if it wasn't for Perfect World Entertainment and yes, you should get the items back where you left off before the bug happened so you can continue with your brother in this diamond in the ruff as we all call it, "Torchlight II."
    Take the previous comment, mine and any other future comments posted in this thread as constructive criticism and if you don't, then blame yourself for not enjoying the game as millions of other players have.

    It is your choice and your journey as you see fit.

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    Op you're bad at the game and at being a decent person. Try not being an ****.

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