Which TL game should a newbie try first

Hi everyone :D I am a fan of gen RPG games

First of .. the Easy answer would be "Yeah go for the first one Dork" but I just wanna hear what you guys think a newbie should do?
Would Torchlight 1 or 2 catch a Newbie the best and can you even play Torchlight 2 prober without playing the first one?
To be totally honest.
I have looked some time after games with focus on RPG that resemple Diablo and I have already finished the Diablo games (more than once) and Darkest Dungeon as well. But I wanna play more similier games.

I have also heard about a "semi" low key game called:


That will be released in 2018 (Vr game) which I hope can help me BUUUUUT I want to play another game like Diablo now!!!

So now I am asking you guys.
Which Torchlight should I try first IF I should buy it?
And do you have game recommendations for a RPG fan that enjoys Diablo like games?

Hope you guys can help me.

Thank you.


  • VizViz Posts: 28
    edited February 2018

    Can't say much about TL1 cuz I never play it but TL2 is better if you prefer doing co-op and mod variety.

    Also check out games like Grim Dawn and Victor Vran or even the Fate games (e.g Fate: The Cursed King and its previous variations)

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