So I've done 3 playthroughs now 1 of which I've collected and mapped everything in the game. In the end I'm still 140 credits short to purchase two robes. I have all upgrades and the ancient garb. I'm sure I got all the totems, three of which are still lacking on the "all items map" I've helped with in another thread. Since none of the enemies that drop credits respawn in this game it's impossible to have all upgrades on one playthrough.

It would be really nice if all the enemies would respawn once you reach the throne room, or from a menu option like the ability to self respawn. This will make a 'collect all' playthough much more fun because once you get all the cool stuff the game is practically over. Having back the enemies makes it possible to hunt for insufficient credits and also making revisiting area's with different robes/upgrades much more fun.

TLDR: Would it be possible to have a respawn option in the menu or end game?

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