Luminous Arena floor traps always dealing damage?

Anyone else having problems with the floor traps in Luminous Arena?

Have played my embermage at veteran all they way through NG++ and that area had never been that much of a problem, probably due to teleport which I always used there.

But now, with an outlander on NG+, the first set of floor traps always hit me. I just can't seem to time it right. Waiting till they are visually down and then running over them = damage. Starting to run just before the knifes are down. Damage. Same if I wait a little longer. Sometimes I survive a hit, and with a potion and the Stone Pact skill, I was finally able to get through. But this took me about a dozen attempts and really blew the fun out of it for that moment.

So.. not sure what I could have done differently. Is that Burning Leap skill an option maybe, so I can sort of jump over these traps? Something else I'm missing?

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