Boss will not attack

Recently installed T2 on a new computer, played one character up to lvl 40 and all worked well. Added a few favorite mods (had used all of these on a previous install with no problems) and started a new character.

Am at the end of "The Scroll of Anom-Irek" quest and the big skeleton guy will not attack, just stands there holding his "sword" and breathing heavily; I can run around him, try to hit him (melee or spells just pass through him), but he doesn't move. I've backtracked all the way outside and retraced my steps, have killed every creature, opened every container, activated every switch; even talked to the quest giver outside again. This boss will not attack, so the quest is stalled.

I could just leave and continue the game ...and be haunted by this unfinished quest. Or is there anything I can do to complete this quest? Even a console command to finish/terminate it (with or without the reward)?


  • freebirdfreebird Posts: 1

    I was making this quest just few weeks ago and everythig was ok but will be nice if you post solution when you find it.

  • jgfjgf Posts: 19

    In my case it was the Unearthed Arcana mod. Disable it, finish that quest, then enable it again and all is well.

    FWIW, I returned to the upper level, exited, disabled UA, and reloaded. Went through the portal to the lower level and was in a completely different room than previously, and there was the Boss, ready to fight.

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