Phase beast challenges keep sending me to the wrong act

Im having a bit of problem in torchlight 2. For some reason, phase beast challenges keep sending me to the challenges for the wrong act. For example, act 1 challenges seem to send me to act 2, and if I die in the challenge, I respawn in the act 2 city.

I tried looking in GUTS but i dont see anything that could do this. From what I can tell, phase beasts cast a skill on death, but the skill itself doesnt have much info in it.

Any idea how to fix this in GUTS? Which areas should I be looking at? The phase beasts themselves are the correct level for the area (e.g. level 13 for crows pass) but the portals themselves lead to a level 30 phase beast challenge in act 2 for some reason.

I tried spawning phase beasts via the console to test them but they dont create a portal when killed for some reason...

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