TORCHLIGHT 2 should be best f2p MMOPRG at all times!

RUNIC GAMES should convert TL2 to f2p mmorpg. This will be the best game of all time and it can live forever because you can endlessly add new locations and dungeons until the world becomes huge. The game will not bother. Thanks to the mechanics of different characteristics of weapons and armor - highly level players will not be the same! The game is almost ready. It remains only to rework a little:
1. complexity;
2. Add groups, guilds;
3. PvP locations, sieges;
4. Make the territory capture and display the guild icon on the map at the capture site.
thanks to the graphics the game will not become obsolete as WOW

With love, the Russian comunity



  • mononasusmononasus Posts: 2

    I wish that could be a mod like tower defender to this game. it would be awesome.

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