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Hello everyone .. I have a blog that I just opened. I wanted to share it with you. I hope it did not open wrong. My blog is Hotmail or Outlook. The right place for hotmail access
It is one of the most used mail services in the world. Since Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997, it has reached millions of users. However, as a result of the interface not being good and being useful, it switched to Outlook in 2012. Outlook has a more modern face. Hotmail login
if you do not have an account you can have an outlook right now. hotmail sign up
Hotmail / Outlook Some Features That Will Work After Getting an Account
One of the coolest features of Hotmail is to delete all of the unwanted mails on the system in one go. With the ‘Sweep’ feature, you can delete unwanted mail in the system in a very convenient way.

With the ‘Skype’ feature integrated into the system at the same time, you can continue to use the application over your browser and you can keep in touch with your friends even if you do not have the application.

One of the coolest features Hotmail offers to users is customizable profile tuning. With this feature, users can configure the mail box as desired. Color, design, size, etc. With features, users can color mail boxes.
Another feature offered to us is that you can read your mails on the same page and reach the whole list. Splitting the page into two is a very useful feature.


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    Wait where is your blog? I can't find the link to it at all.

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