Kiron Connor - Elite NG5 Facetank Berserker : Block + Blood Hunger + Wolfpack Build

Hello everyone,

I recently returned to Torchlight 2 after few years gap, and started anew with a fresh berserker character 'Kiron Connor'. Tried to see how tanky he could get; and the results have been so surprising for a berserker, that I thought of posting his build in the forum and on YouTube just in case any Torchlight fan would want to watch or try it; despite the fact that Torchlight 2 is no longer a fresh new game.

Here are the YouTube videos illustrating his gameplay. The build details are at the end of each video.

Torchlight 2

Tarroch's Tomb run:
Tanking The Netherlord:
Tanking The Alchemist:
Grom's Arena of Slaughter:
Luminous Arena:

Here are the features of this character:
100% resistance to knockback, slow, immobilization.
4k physical armor, ~2k elemental armor, 27k health.
75% block, 56% dodge, 75% all damage reduction.
100% missile reflect (with Ice Shield).
400 hp/sec health regen + 3200 hp/sec with Blood Hunger.
1% mana steal.
100% chance to freeze, 25% chance of Glacial Strike.
68% crit chance, 460% crit bonus.
1M max damage done (w/o Howl, Battle Rage, speed bonus etc).
Can directly use all L105 Harbinger gear, just from base stats.
55 skill points still unassigned.

Strength: base 145, total 1140
Dexterity: base 291, total 385
Focus: base 5, total 1022
Vitality: base 94, total 518

Pet: Silence, Nether Imp, Heal Self, Heal All
Character: Armor Expertise, Blocking, Concentration, Heal All

Pet (Jackalbeast): Epic Studs with chance to poison, Collar with poison damage
Character: Draketalon Helmet, Heart of Ignivore (amulet), The Corona (rings), Draketalon Mantle (shoulder armor), Harbinger Belt, Hands of Orlac (gloves), Draketalon Armor (chest piece), Inquisitor Trousers (leggings), Inquisitor Gaiters (boots), Hammer of Retribution (weapon), Netherrealm Shield.

Blood Hunger (15), Shatter Storm (1), Rage Retaliation (11), Ice Shield (10), Shred Armor (15), Red Wolf (10), Wolf Pack (15). Rage Retaliation and Red Wolf aren't really necessary. The others are.

Skull of Limoany (damage reduction), Giant Chaos Ember (knockback resistance), Giant Flame Ember (fire armor), Skull of Riechliu (health), Skull of Zardon (slow resistance), Skull of X'n'troph (health recovery), Zardon's Mighty Skull (freeze chance), Skull of Whorlbarb (crit chance),

There are plenty of ways to experiment with this build, particularly when there are lots of skill points still unassigned. Also the spells and socketables can be altered a bit.

All the build details can be found at the end of each videos mentioned above.

In the tanking videos against Netherlord and Alchemist, only and only Rage Retaliation is used to kill these bosses. The character just stood in place doing nothing. No active skill or weapon attack was made; the pet was set to passive. No potions and no kiting was done.

Blocking + Blood Hunger magic has done miracles and given the survivability ever needed. Armor is a bonus.
Wolf Pack + Glacial Strike has proven enough to kill anyone, even without skills such as Howl, Battle Rage or spells such as Haste, Dervish etc. The character does not need to spend time in saving himself so against any enemy he can stand and continuously attack with Wolfpack replenishing any lost health in the process.

Hope you all find this build unique and worth giving a try. If so I will be ready to post more about it.
Thank you for reading.


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    --- Unbeatable Facetank Berserker: Early Leveling Guide ---

    This guide is referring to the following YouTube video:
    More videos on leveling might be added in future.

    Full playlist:

    Using shared stash containing socketed gear having random attribute enchants, the leveling of any character can be ridiculously easy. By the time the character reaches Estherian Enclave it's usually level 3. It can initially equip attribute-buffed low level gear and using those attributes higher level gear. Thus at level 3 it can even have a few endgame gear pieces. Needless to say, the further journey becomes a piece of cake.

    This video shows leveling a berserker from level 1 through 4. On elite difficulty it is extremely difficult to survive the Echo Pass without potions, particularly when equipped only with melee weapons, and that too, claws. But potionless run is possible as shown in the video. The pet needs to be set aggressive and the character should attack from behind the pet letting it attack first; and avoid fire and poison pools at all costs. Try to get an area damage weapon from monster drops or chests early on. Shotguns are best here; followed by cannons, wands or great weapons in that order.

    It is assumed that the player knows how to use dummy characters, socket and attribute enchanters to fill up the shared stash before the main character begins its journey. The initial low level gear is purchasable by re-rolling the blacksmith with a dummy character. Look for rare (blue) gear with inherent attribute buffs on it. Other than that the Celestial and Harbinger gear can be kept in the shared stash. Celestial gear provides good defenses .Enchant these gear quickly with any random attributes that you get; don't need to spend time getting powerful or specific attribute enchants. The Harbinger gear is the actual endgame gear, enchanted totally as per the final build plan, with the about exact attributes as we want. The low level junk gear and the Celestial gear represents only temporary gear for piling up the attributes required by the real endgame gear.

    If you don't have Celestial or Harbinger gear ready, use whatever unique (orange) gear you have in your shared stash collection instead. It might last well only till Act I of maybe II; but will at least be less painful than playing with socketless non-enchanted gear. Elite mode requires this planning.

    Other than that, skills, fish and spells:
    As soon as you reach Estherian Enclave, remove Eviscerate skill. This skill won't be required for this build.
    Using permanent fish is not necessary when the character can facetank anything. But I prefer JackalBeast as its attacks have a chance to poison enemy, which reduces their armor as well as damage dealing.
    The Summon Nether Imp spell helps silencing groups of enemies. Frost spell can freeze enemies. These crowd control features make the character more viable. Other than that the Heal All spell for both the character and the pet can contribute to the viability.

    --- Path from here ---

    Being partially able to equip endgame gear while at level 3 is itself an OP situation. This gear will help in act I and II without any trouble; meanwhile your character must have accrued attribute points which you can assign so that you can equip all the planned endgame gear eventually and complete the act III easily. Thereafter, any NG+ level feels the same and you need to complete only the main quests to quickly complete those levels until you get to elite NG+5 Tarroch's Tomb to test the character's true might! And thereafter, you might want to start another elite character and a fresh new run without using shared stash; just to have some thrill that you might have missed so much with this facetank character :)

    On Character Panel, aim for 145 strength and 291 dexterity as these are minimum requirements for Draketalon gear. Don't rely on attribute enchantments to equip this gear. Also, invest remaining points in vitality in order to get the 75% shield block just enough. Raise focus via attribute enchants and with socketables if necessary.

    Till you get Wolfpack you can fight without any other skill; Just ensure later on to invest one point in Shatter Storm; and equip any weapons or gems that give chance to freeze. Investment in Red Wolf and Rage Retaliation will also help killing more enemies; but is unnecessary when you get Wolfpack which is the all-purpose-attack-solution with help from Hammer of Retribution.

    Investment in Blood Hunger passive skill is bread and butter for a berserker for survivability. Start investing in it with level 1. And aim to mas it out. It works with Wolfpack. It works with Rage Retaliation.It's not a one point wonder. It deserves complete attention, as evident from my Tarroch's Tomb and Netherlord/Alchemist-tanking videos.Needless to say, high health points are also required for Blood Hunger to work well. Aim for at least 20k HP till endgame.

    For this facetank berserker with shield and Wolfpack, Ice Shield is not a must have. But having 10 points in it will help in dire situations. Aim for at least 50% dodge. It is possible; and helps even if the 75% block takes major responsibility of preventing damage.

    Shred Armor works with Wolfpack too, and is a good to have because the character then doesn't need any armor-reducing socketables in its gear.

    Wolfpack works best with Hammer of Retribution. Even if a single hammer gives just 25% chance of Glacial Spike, seven wolves in total increase this chance good enough to bring any enemy down, as visible in the Tarroch's Tomb Run video. 1M max damage is certainly enough; no need to go after 5M or 10M damage which would certainly be overkill for many enemies.

    As far as gear goes, Hands of Orlac give more sockets than other gear so I prefer it. Inquisitor gear works great in replenishing mana that the Wolfpack consumes (but you'll need to go melee and make a hit with the actual weapon for that; wolves won't do it for you); and can be obtained by Re-rolling the gambler or using Vendor Boon Scrolls.

    While using Wolfpack, don't keep the attack button pressed as it'll consume mana quickly. Send two or three packs; then wait for the result. Usually that's enough to kill all mobs in an area; Glacial Spikes will assist the wolves a lot.

    Wolfpack is not even necessary to this facetank. But it worked for this build so well that there was no reason left to choose Ravage or any other skill for offense.

    The leveling is really very easy when the character becomes a tanking beast. It doesn't require many skills to support it; as can be seen from my YouTube videos wherein there are still 55 skill points left even after completing the entire NG+5 run.

    The elite leveling will be more fun and challenging if you keep a goal like not to use any potions whatsoever in the entire journey, or not to die even once. Give this build a try and you will find it more durable than any other class while retaining offensive capabilities equally well.

    Hope this guide helps. If anything to discuss, please post freely and I'll be glad to contribute.

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    --- Unbeatable Facetank Berserker: Mid Leveling Guide ---

    Mid Leveling Guide:
    This guide is the continuation of the Early Leveling Guide.

    Also refer to:
    Early Leveling Guide:
    Full playlist:

    Till level 42, this character has the same gear, spells and attributes as were at level 4 (watch Early Leveling Guide), purposely so as to illustrate how stable this build is.

    Level 42 unlocks Wolfpack. Taking this opportunity to assign this and other important skills; and also to assign the accrued attribute points so that remaining pieces of the endgame gear may be equipped.

    After taking Wolfpack, the video shows encounters with Thiss and in Grom's Arena of Slaughter. Watch how good Wolfpack is - just stand and deliver :)

    This is actually almost the endgame build too. The gear remains exactly the same. Spells can be changed to level 6 when possible. Max out the skills chosen here at the end of this guide. Plenty of skill points will still remain in the end; giving plenty of room for experimentation.

    This build is unbeatable. No enemy can kill it. It can facetank even the Alchemist and the Netherlord, killing them purely with Rage Retaliation, as shown in the relevant videos in the playlist.

    Hope you'll find it worth giving a try.

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