Lost Interest In Playing

I'm playing and taking turns with 25 different characters.
I spent a lot of time getting my characters all up to ACT 2,
but when one of my Elemental Blade Dancer characters kept crashing
the game when she got up to level 40 I lost my interest in playing
the game.
I could just kill that player off and play with remaining 24 but I
don't want any of my other characters to start crashing the game


  • mononasusmononasus Posts: 2

    what appears in the screen?

  • grog1961grog1961 Posts: 463 ✭✭

    I found out that I didn't have the Dec 2017 Variant MOD update and now when I play the game my character no longer crashes the game

  • deltaminddeltamind Posts: 11

    Well that means you're back ;)

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