Zerker leveling Build

Hello. I am back after many years away. I quit before modding became a big thing so this is like playing new again. I never played a zerker but read about the wolfpack build and want to give it a try.

Does anyone have a recommendation/guide for leveling a zerker?


  • Scar1234Scar1234 Posts: 3

    Are these boards dead?

  • deltaminddeltamind Posts: 11

    Nah they are alive, kinda :)

  • JakebntoJakebnto Posts: 4

    On normal, you can literally play any way you want. You'll still die occasionally, but it won't be burdensome if you saved recently. Zerker's start with 25% damage reduction, which helps a lot. As always, aim for health in your socketables and found or purchased gear, your primary attribute next (strength for melee, focus for a caster) and try to keep fire and poison armor rising along with physical armor. Past level 50 or so, armor becomes less important, while damage reduction and block become increasingly important (use a shield - trust me, you'll be glad you did). Dual wielding or two handed works at casual and normal, but it takes a lot of skill and preparation to play either on on any class on the higher difficulties.

    Lastly, run away a lot. Chip away at the little guys before you tackle the big ones. Also, too, if you have enough damage, the bosses are not the big challenge - it't the hordes of medium enemies that do you in.

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