Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Cast and serial gossip

Raman and Ishita have a grand celebration at home on the occasion of the new born's naming ceremony. Little do they know that Roshni has stepped out of their lives for good. Yeh Hai Mohabbatien

his is why I wasn’t satisfied with IshRa’s 2-3 minutes deep & meaningful conversation. 1 year ago, we wouldn’t get this conversation also as Taklu knows very well we would watch anything as long as IshRa/DiVan are there. Now that even die-hard fans are fed up, Taklu inserted a namesake conversation & again jumped to high dose of romance. Don’t know about Ishita but Raman is in no position to comment on paternity.

He should die out of shame before saying Mihika never made Romi feel incomplete. In case of Ishita, it was Raman himself who made her realize she would always be a BANJH. I still believe it was his male ego that he opted for surrogacy when Ashok taunted him for not being capable of saving Ishita & his unborn child.

If he had truly loved her, he wouldn’t rub salt on her wound by choosing his ex-wife as the surrogate. For me, neither Shagun nor Pammi but Raman himself is the biggest enemy of his & Ishita’s relation. As for the baby, personally I hate the idea of tagging a newborn illegitimate. I do believe in religion & very much respectful towards the idea of marriage. But no matter from which perspective you are speaking, a baby has no hand over his/her birth. I feel sorry for this baby as it has taken birth to fulfill everyone’s wish but not out of pure love.

Roshni had to be guilt free, Ishita had to be guilt free, Bhallas needed an heir, Aliya – **** knows how but had to take revenge through this baby – but the baby has no one who genuinely loves him, The society people are right. Raman is answering his own question. It’s Adi’s blood & his absence that they are trying to justify EMA over everything. I wish someone had the guts to say it.

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