Is the map in Torchlight 2 random generated or built?

I just discovered that there is a Re-roll map feature in Torchlight 2 that changes the whole world completly (except cities I think).

Does that mean that the map in Torchlight 2 is random generated? Or is there a set of built maps (like 4-5) that you can play on. If that is the case I suppose the first map is the best due to marketing (new player play on first map). Is this true?


  • scorpalorpscorpalorp Posts: 3

    How do you reroll the map? I feel like I used to know how... as for the randomised map gen... Idk about that but I do know that sometimes you can get enchanters to spawn on certain maps so that makes the reroll ability useful.

  • JakebntoJakebnto Posts: 4

    To reroll maps, quit the character, then choose LAN, not Single player. You can then create a 2 person MP session (or even just you, I guess) at whatever difficuilty you want, noting that on the right side of the screen is a check box labelled "reroll world". Choose that box and start the session. You will be at whichever city is appropriate for the Act in which you quit the previous session. The world will be completely unexplored, but whatever quests you have already completed will still be completed, though the dungeons are now also unexplored and the bosses can be re-killed.

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