Runic staff: are all 4 ingredients for Strangeland map available in 360 version?

Hello Runic! I've been trying to fish for the 4 ingredients to transmute to get the Strangeland map. So far after 6100 fish caught I have both of the eyes.

I have read on the gamefaqs forums from several people that nobody on the 360 has ever successfully fished up Blank's Teeth Necklace. I don't know if this is true or not. Some have speculated that for whatever reason the Teeth Necklace might have been removed or disabled from the 360 version.

Can anyone at Runic confirm whether or not all 4 necessary items can be fished in this version?

I understand that due to the rarity of them and due to luck of the draw that even if they are available I may never get all 4 ingredients. However I sure don't mind keeping on trying if there is any possibility at all for the items. I just don't want to spend a whole lot of time fishing anymore if it isn't possible.

6100 fish for half the items took a LOT of fishing but I would gladly do 50,000 more for even the remotest chance at the Teeth Necklace and the Hand (putting on some good music and zen'ning out is a good way to get through a lot of fishing, I find). However I want to stop fishing if it is not possible at all.

Thanks for reading this long post, I appreciate it!

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