...The Ultimate Facetank... (Videos+Guides)

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One might wish to witness a tankiest build in Torchlight 2. There are four classes to try out - Engineer, Outlander, Embermage and Berserker. Here is a build that I suppose is the tankiest one ever:

YouTube Playlist:

Completely different from all other builds; contrary to everything regarded up till now about how a berserker should to be, here is Elite NG+5 build which is probably 'The Ultimate Facetank'.

-- You can kill Netherlord only by Rage Retaliation, without making a single weapon hit.

-- You can beat Elite NG+5 Tarroch's Tomb with just a level 1 white weapon equipped.

-- You don't ever run away from enemies. You run straight into them.

-- You may not die even once. Even without consuming a single potion ever.

-- Glacial Spike, Hammer of Retribution or Focus are not given unnecessary importance.

-- As long as you are sending Wolfpacks, no enemy in the game can kill you.
-- No pet/minions needed for attack. You can set the pet passive all the time.
-- High armor is respected. You can't be one-shot. You hardly get burnt/frozen/shocked/poisoned.
-- You cannot be knocked back; cannot be slowed; cannot be immobilized
-- Blood Hunger is given full respect that it deserves.
-- Charge bar is totally immaterial.
-- You need only Wolfpack for attack - no need for Ravage, Battle Rage, Howl, Battle Standard.
-- Tons of skill points unused even after completing NG+5.

I have also added various guides to my YouTube playlist. Maybe adding more in future..

You may also want to come up with other classes, to create builds as viable as this one.
I am hoping that many players will keep playing this wonderful game tor time to come.

Thanks for watching!

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