GUTS Attempted to Read/ Write Protected Memory

Heathen1Heathen1 Posts: 1
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Alright, so when I start a mod, make some changes to skills, and close/ restart the editor, it will cause the Game Mode testing to not update with any further changes til I restart the program.

I've tried absolutely everything I can think including reloading all resources (which brings up the Protected Memory error), firewall exceptions, file/ folder sharing, Compatibility Modes, Run As Administrator, verifying game cache, enable/ disable of Steam Cloud, and nothing will let my mod changes update retroactively anymore.

Using Steam version of the tools on a Windows 10 pc. If anyone has any idea what's going on, I'd be relieved to hear it.

Edit: I should also note, the original Torchlight Editor does not suffer from this problem, so it has to be the editor itself.


  • justinboggsjustinboggs Posts: 2

    I get this error all the time also I have not been able to do much about it :(

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