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One might wish to witness a tankiest build in Torchlight 2. There are four classes to try out - Engineer, Outlander, Embermage and Berserker. Here is a build that I suppose is the tankiest one ever:

YouTube Playlist:

Completely different from all other builds; contrary to everything regarded up till now about how a berserker should to be, here is Elite NG+5 build which is probably 'The Ultimate Facetank'.

-- You can kill Netherlord only by Rage Retaliation, without making a single weapon hit.

-- You can beat Elite NG+5 Tarroch's Tomb with just a level 1 white weapon equipped.

-- You don't ever run away from enemies. You run straight into them.

-- You may not die even once. Even without consuming a single potion ever.

-- Glacial Spike, Hammer of Retribution or Focus are not given unnecessary importance.

-- As long as you are sending Wolfpacks, no enemy in the game can kill you.
-- No pet/minions needed for attack. You can set the pet passive all the time.
-- High armor is respected. You can't be one-shot. You hardly get burnt/frozen/shocked/poisoned.
-- You cannot be knocked back; cannot be slowed; cannot be immobilized
-- Blood Hunger is given full respect that it deserves.
-- Charge bar is totally immaterial.
-- You need only Wolfpack for attack - no need for Ravage, Battle Rage, Howl, Battle Standard.
-- Tons of skill points unused even after completing NG+5.

I have also added various guides to my YouTube playlist. Maybe adding more in future..

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You may also want to come up with other classes, to create builds as tanky as this one.
I am hoping that many players will keep playing this wonderful game tor time to come.

Thanks for watching!
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