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Hi all,

To share my experience with everyone, I have created some YouTube videos to guide new as well as experienced players to create competitive builds in Torchlight 2, that would face no deaths and consume no potions throughout their journey even on elite NG+5 difficulty.

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shn2T8YD2Js&list=PLnKx3C-blPCC2Th8V1xpmdbDKPgofXY1k&index=1

Part 1 (Beginner): https://youtu.be/S-uBuO2hwGs
* Introduction to game interface
* Choosing a starting class, difficulty and weapons
* Traveling through Echo Pass efficiently

Part 2: https://youtu.be/Lq8FFzJegpw
* What endgame gear we should plan for.
* What should be the stat allocation on the Character Panel.
* How much rank should we raise a skill to.
* How to plan skills that synergize with the endgame gear chosen.
* How to backup character save files and shared stash files.
* What is the significance of magic finding luck.
* How to backup enchanters.
* How to enchant gear without letting the enchanter leave.

Part 3: https://youtu.be/et9suAWd5Ko
* How to farm the same boss repeatedly to get unique drops for our shared stash collection.
* How to archive the shared stash for all our characters to use.
* Significance of Blood Embers in early levels of the character.
* Gem Saver and Gems Smasher vendors.
* Rerolling the vendors like blacksmith, general goods, gambler etc.

Part 4: https://youtu.be/_lWsBwTaRrU
* How to refresh stock at the gambler, blacksmith and general goods vendors.
* How to refresh Trill-Bot's quest rewards.
* How to refresh Netherlord's loot in order to enhance our shared stash collection.
* How to get all three "powerful" attribute enchants on a gear - very important!
* How to get a forth enchant on a gear.

Early Leveling Guide (Elite): https://youtu.be/ch1aFSqo_as
* Deathless, potionless run through Echo Pass.
* Equipping endgame gear at character level 3.

Hope you all will find these useful.

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