Torchlight Frontiers P2W

Hello Devs

As a happy owner and player of TL 1 and 2, I am very sad to hear the way you talk about microtransactions in TLF.

You may not have said that we can straight up buy endgame gear, but you make it sound like we can buy xp boost and maybe even drop chance increase. This will give the game a rep of P2W and scare a lot of people away.

You are trying to cater to people who have less time for grind, but that is a minority. Looking at other successfull games like PoE, I think you will scare away more players than you will gain by letting Dad over there buy xp and loot luck boost, and save a couple of hours. Hours that help EVERYONE get a feeling of accomplishment.

Anything affecting any endgame gear in any way, be it the time it takes to get it/craft it, the time to get to endgame will give the entire game a P2W badge and scare a lot of people away.

Im really looking forward to this game, but if anything but visiuals make it into the microtransactions, you lost me alltogether before you even release the game.

Thank you for making great games, and thank you for being transparent.


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