Couple of questions regarding Mana (Max Mana, Percentage Cost...)


I'm trying to figure if and how it would be possible to do a couple of things around mana, with no luck so far :

  • Set a flat and fixed max mana for a class (only affixes I found are bonus to the current max mana)
  • Turn off the base mana regen (couldn't find it anywhere, so far only solution I can think of is adding a passive on top of that with a negative mana regen)
  • Set the skill mana cost in percentage of max mana instead of a flat cost (seems not doable in a clean manner, but it should be possible to just add an effect to remove the mana, but so far those I've tried didnt' work as intended - like MANA RECHARGE PLAYER, it's probably just some parameters I missed or badly set up)

Most of those could probably be handled with a custom charge system, but ideally I'd like to be able to use two types of ressources, so I'm trying to see what can be achieved as far as mana goes.

Anyone figured those out ?


  • BagEndBagEnd Posts: 2

    I found how the mana is set for the character, part of it. It's in the Graph tab of the class. It's doable to put a fixed mana for the class, it's only a matter of creating a flat graph. The mana won't change per level, but it'll still change with Focus and equipement

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