Weapons disappearing

I'm having a very weird and annoying bug. I reinstalled TL2 and all relevant mods after leaving it for some time, eager to play my engineer again.
When I launched the game, all my stash was gone, as were my weapons. More annoying still, when I equip any weapon and then proceed to any other area of the game, said weapons simply vanishes from my inventory.
I'm using, in order:

Torchlight II Essentials
Torchlight 2 Enhanced
Far East Pack I
Syngergies HIGHLOOT
More Pet Skins
Marvelous Torchlight II

Any insight on what's happening ? It's making the game unplayable in this state. I'm not too keen on going back to a vanilla version nor playing without mods.
Thanks !


  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,360 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a mod conflict. Uninstall all your mods then add one at a time and restart the game. It may take a number of tries and combinations to see which one's are conflicting. Generally though I'm going to guess it's essentials conflicting with Synergies as both mods alter a lot of the same items and variables in game. They weren't really meant to work with one another. I'm not sure about Marvelous, either. Generally if it's synergies you're better off sticking to mods the maker of Synergies has indicated are compatible with it.

  • tisseur_de_revestisseur_de_reves Posts: 2

    Thanks for the insight. I figured it was something like that, except I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause. Might as well start from scratch.

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