Resize mouse images (cur/ico)

After giving Torchlight 2 another go after some years on a 4k display I have huge trouble finding the mouse pointers during intense action. So while the rest of the UI scales according to the resolution, the mouse-pointers remain small.

FYI: since I am on Linux I cant use the mouse mod which is only available for Windows.

Anyway, after a short search I figured out that the icons responsible for the mouse pointers are available as simple files with a .cur extension which is the same as .ico.
Location: /home/myuser/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Torchlight II/icons/

I can just rename cur -> ico and open the files in an image-editor (or using the linux command-line), resize the icons (making 2 or 3 times bigger) and finally rename the new files to the original .cur.
Unfortunately the OGRE engine seems to use those icons in a different way. In my latest attempt I just replaced the attack.cur and when I test the game with the new file, the engine doesnt display the new image (and not the old), it falls back to the system cursor-image.
Can someone explain what ico-format the engine uses or even better can provide me with updated ones. I assume this problem with way to small icons has not only occured to me.

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