Eye of Aleera and Glacial Spike

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Hi all.

The glacial spike proc from Eye of Aleera is bugged. Occasionally upon joining a game session the proc will affect both allies, self, and enemies. This includes the immobilization and the damage. I have multiple screenshots that show the target dummy killing me. This bug has been around since 2012 (Source link)

It is incredibly frustrating to find an awesome synergy with this gem and then have to destroy them because they keep killing you and your allies in multiplayer games.

Are there any plans to actually fix this?



  • nightcrewnightcrew Posts: 3

    Here are some additional details that may help troubleshoot issue:

    • I've only encountered this bug in online multiplayer (not LAN). I have yet to see this in single player.
    • The bug sometimes only freezes other players and both our pets--when this happens it does not show the immobilization graphic for me.
    • Un-equipping and re-equipping weapons may fix problem (temporarily).
    • Problem usually starts upon zoning in or rejoining game. For example, I switch characters to enchant new items I receive. When I come back, this problem will affect us again--even though the problem did not exist prior to logging onto my other character.

    I will come back and post more details if I remember others. I am sure I can reproduce this if it's needed.

  • nightcrewnightcrew Posts: 3

    I'm very sad to see that this bug will not be resolved. I enjoy using the Eye of Aleera with my builds. The other eyes are fun too.

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    Runic Games doesn't exist anymore and hasn't since 2017. The bugs not going to be fixed, sorry.

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