PUBG Snow Best Place to Recommend

In the PUBG snow map, the big resources are fiercely contested, and the chances of opening a box are very high. The opening wilderness area is a good choice. Today, we share the best place to search for the best places in the snow.
The selected wild point is several housing areas located between the aerospace base and the coal mine.
Since you choose the wild area, it is definitely to put safety first.
The average player's skydiving will fall on the coal mine on the left or the space base on the right, and our wilderness is much safer.

The search order is not too particular, and points 1 and 2 are dominant. If it is four rows, the search range can be extended to points 3 and 4. After the search is completed, there is a brushing point at the crossroads, and the circle is far from being afraid.
Material situation
Although like most resources, the firearms are mainly UZI, UMP9, and Thomson submachine guns. However, after several tests, the box has found that the sniper rifle in this wild area will be relatively more.
To know that snow is a sniper rifle accessory, but there are few sniper rifles, it is a treasure for the boy who plays with the box.
Receiving express
Since it is a wilderness, although the materials can be well-off, it is definitely not a big rich, and you need to receive a courier if you want to make a fortune.
The two largest resource points closest to the wild point are the aerospace base and the coal mine.
The terrain of the coal mine is complex and the terrain is higher than ours. It is a natural disadvantage, so I decided to extend the claws to the space base!
The friends should know that Wei Handi is divided into two parts by an ice surface. To get from the right side of the map to the larger land on the left side, you must cross the bridge or cross the river.
The same is true for space bases. Both sides of the ice are slopes and cliffs. The quickest way to get past is to get past this bridge.
Intercept point 1
The friends are familiar with it. It is true that the principle of robbery here is the same as the truck on the island bridge leading to the airport bridge!
No one can find it in the car, and give them a surprise when the enemy or the car is close.

Intercept point 2
Although there is no such thing as hidden concealed goods, the sentinel has a high terrain and a wide field of vision. Enemies who want to bypass the bridge over the ice can not escape the investigation here.
Intercept point 3
Although the bridge is the fastest way to cross the bridge, it does not rule out that there are stable players who choose to climb the mountain.
The control of the large platform is very wide. One stop on this big platform, the enemy will turn over the mountain and you will see your muzzle.
These three places are very good interception points. The four people are stationed in one place and can fully deploy the gun line.
As for the single and double rows, it is more recommended for the bridgehead.
Brush point
There are not many brushing points around this wild area, but according to the box observation, the probability of brushing the crossroads is the biggest.
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