[WIP] Fate/Stay Night's Servant Saber [Update 12/14/09]

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Preliminary animation test using the Destroyer's Titan Stomp. The fact that she spreads her legs coupled with a very masculine grunting made me giggle. The shoulder pads aren't sitting all that well on the character.

Devastate is absolutely bonkers on a female character. I don't know if it's the additional bones but her foot goes through her head and she does some kind of strange split/somersault thing.

[Note] Censored to protect the children.


Here are some quick and dirty imports into the game. I didn't custom rig the armor mesh. I just used Skin Wrap, so there are various animation issues that I'll fix later.

I did discover that the engine doesn't seem to accept alpha channels on the base skin texture, as noted by the green circles around the problem areas. I might have to explicitly define the edges if I can't find a solution to this.


The triangle count is hovering at 2052. I don't think I'll try to get it any lower. I had to use a bit of creative freedom to fit Saber's armor onto the Vanquisher's skirt thing. I still need to do some various touch-ups to the metal texture of her armor and then I'm on to rigging and taking her into the game.

I, also, lightened up her hair to better accurately reflect her character.

I'm planning on making her a completely new class, so if anyone has knowledge about Saber and wants to share skill ideas, I greatly appreciate it. I'm leaning towards making her a Paladin-type class that focuses on polearms (technically, two-handed swords).


The triangle count is at 224. I still haven't really finished Caliburn because I was focusing on Saber.


As always, critiques are very welcome.


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